GSE iOS Setup Instructions

IPTV App on Android and iOS: How to use GSE Smart IPTV App?

IPTV and handheld devices have one thing in common, mobility! Another good thing is that these small devices in our hands can run IPTV just fine thanks to strong CPU and massive amount of fast-clock RAM they are equipped with. One app for this purpose is GSE IPTV which can run on both iOS and Android.

After installing the app,open it, and accept End User License Agreement (EULA).

Your device will ask you to allow GSE IPTV app accessing your media stuff. This is necessary if you want to load local files. 

This is the main page you should see when opening the app which is a list of Local Playlist. Click on the menu button shown in top left.

This is the menu section of the app in which you can access details and settings. From the top, Local means loading files, streams and playlists which are locally stored on your device.

At the bottom right, click on the yellow button. It is for adding a new playlist locally.

A page will pop up and there you can set a name for your playlist. Click browse to browse local files to load the m3u playlist. Click add and it will added to the Local Playlist.

On the right side of each playlist, there`s a button with which you can do desired editing to the list.

Users tend to import list remotely using M3U URL. From the menu, click on Remote Playlists.

Click on the yellow button and select "Add m3u url". Put a name for the list and then paste the full m3u link of your playlist, then Click Add. A message will show up to let you know that the .TS extension is disabled by this app click OK and then click Ok again on the following popup. GSE also adds this playlist inside Xtream-Codes API. Once you click on the playlist to load, it will download the playlist.

This is how channel list would look like. It should be mentioned that the provider we used for this tutorial provides channel lists and VOD categorized. That`s why we see the list in folders and properly grouped. If you want to have one big list of channels, click on All Channels Group.

To setup the Electronic Program Guide select 'EPG Program Guide' from the main menu. To add your own EPG source, click the yellow plus button. Select 'Add Remote EPG source'. Enter the name and copy the URL and paste it into the EPG source link then click Add. To update the EPG source click on it and select Yes when it asks if you want to update now. Click on the EPG source and click List. All available EPG will show channels names.

From the main menu, under the heading of Remote, choose Xtream-Codes API. Click on the Playlist as we are required to manually update the EPG. select 'Force Update EPG' . Once its complete and you scroll down, you can see details about the account. You can then go back and select the EPG and see all the contents.

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