Perfect Player Tweaks/Customization

Perfect Player Easy Setup:

If you want to make your set up of Perfect Player easy, below is the link for a back up file that will load everything and have the customizations. All you need to do is load it into Perfect Player. First extract the file, and transfer the extracted file by using an SD card or USB Drive to transfer it, or alternately you can email it to yourself.

Download it Here: Supernova Backup File

Note: Current Perfect Player users, this will reset all of your previous settings, you’ll lose your favorites etc..

Open your email app on your device and download the attachment.
Open Perfect Player and go to settings. Under ‘defaults’ select ‘Restore’ and locate the file you just downloaded. Select the file and it will configure Perfect Player for you.
Perfect Player will restart with the settings from the file. Go to settings and edit the playlist URL and the EPG URL and simply add your username and password to both URL’s and you are all set.

Favorite Channels:

Perfect Player can create a favorites list as you can filter the view of the episode guide to show only the channels you want. To use this feature simply go to the EPG and press the menu button and select ‘add to favorites’. It will add a heart icon next to it. Selecting ‘show favorites’ and will only show the channels you set as favourites.

Adaptive Sorting:

To filter your list, you can select ‘Adaptive Sorting’, which will organize your channels in order of which you watch the most.

Backing up your setup:

To backup your settings, go to ‘defaults’ in the settings page and select backup. Set up a location to save the file and you are set.

Auto start-up and last channel: 

To have Perfect Player boot up when the device starts, click GUI in settings and select ‘Auto Start at Boot Up’. The next time you restart your device it will go right into Perfect Player and the guide.
If you want it to start on the last channel you were on, go to Playback Settings and select that option.

Playback Issues:

If you are having playback issues, stuttering, buffering etc., Perfect Player allows you to select the type of decoder and change the buffer size. In the playback settings you can choose from several types of decoders, Auto is the default and best decoder. If you have a slow connection, you can try SW.

Buffer settings are pretty straightforward, you can choose 1 through 4, 1 being the smallest, and 4 the largest buffer.

Catchup Service:

Perfect Player now allows you to access catchup services. To enable this feature, you have to edit your playlist URL and add this at the very end of it (no space) |catchup=xc so your playlist url should look like this:|catchup=xc

To access the catch up service, select the channel and press the menu button then select archive. You will see all shows listed that have been archived. 

*NEW* Auto change channel/Program Notify:

You can now change the channel automatically just before an episode starts. To do so, scroll to the channel you will be switching to from the guide by holding down the right arrow.
Press the menu button and select ‘Notify of a Programme’. You will see a small bell to the right of the row you selected. Within approx. 30 seconds before the show starts, a small option window will pop up reminding you of the channel change and giving you the option to cancel. If you ignore it, the channel will change automatically.

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