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How to install Smart IPTV App on a Smart TV?

Smart IPTV App is the simplist ways to use and test our service through a SmartTV.

Note: For a detailed guide please go to this article.

**Please keep in mind that configuring your TV to access IPTV makes your TV work harder to download, decode and display the content from any IPTV service. Its always advisable to use the service using a dedicated box. We suggest using the Android Beelink GT1 Ultimate**

The IPTV extension which is required here is a m3u channel list. To have all channels categorized, it is advised to use m3u_plus (m3u with options) type.

Smarttvs on which this app works are Samsung and LG. Compatibility of the app on specific models of each brand has also been detailed in the article above.

From the app store of the TV, search and install Smart IPTV App. Once installed, open the app.

You should see a page identical to the one above. Take note of the TV MAC Address which is specified by the arrow on app portal.To pair the m3u link with the TV MAC Address. Go to on a laptop/PC.

Method 1: If you want to upload a m3u file format, you need to use this method. Type the TV MAC and load the m3u file in the list field, but this method has 2 major flaws: 1. It has file size limit of 10MB 2. It wont update the list automatically

Method 2: (Preferred Method)

1. Paste the TV MAC address here. Make sure there are no spaces before and after to avoid facing errors
2. Paste the m3u, or as suggested m3u_plus link here. If you want to import multiple lists, click on the green plus button to have extra fields
3.In this step, you`ll have 3 things to decide on:

ExUSSR: This is built-in EPG. You can leave it as is to get the EPG for all packages or choose one like UK for all Sky UK channels. 

Logos: This is the built-in logos. If you leave it as is, the app will assign proper logos to each channel. You can also change it to “Enable list logos” to let logos included in your m3u list appear alongside with the ones provided by the app and finally “Override app logos” so that only logos from your m3u list appear.

Save Online: Which will allow you to save the list online. This will enable the app to refresh the list every time you enter it. This feature helps you stay up to date with changes which are made on bouquets.

4. Click Add Link and your TV MAC address gets paired to the m3u list. Now reload the app by pressing 0 (zero) on your remote and you should see all channels loaded.

These are settings of the app and you can change them the way you like, but there are two important settings which are extremely vital.

Buffer Size:

The default is auto which will let the app decide what is best based on your connection bandwidth and speed.

Lock MAC:

This is a security feature. You can lock your TV MAC address on Smart IPTV App portal database. You will be required to assign a PIN number. The app database will stop the pairing process and ask for a 4 digit pin number.

Purchasing the app:

After evaluating the app and it works on your SmartTV to your liking, you can pay for it for a one-time fee of 5.49 euros by clicking here.

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